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    Each of the following 2-hour classes are designed for anyone who wants to learn simple and meaningful ways to create home and workspaces that provide them with a foundation to thrive. These classes can be arranged as a presentation to a large group or organization, or they can be enjoyed as an evening of learning with friends and neighbors in a relaxed in-home environment. Call for details.

    “Organize your Space, Align Your Life”
    Clarify your goals so you can accomplish them! This class will help you learn the basics to organizing any space, and best of all, understand how your home can reflect and support your life goals and vision.

    “Home Offices 101”
    Learn the simple formula to creating an efficient workspace that maximizes your efficiency and productivity. Stop fearing your desk and start enjoying effective work sessions!

    "Clear Blocks to Clearing Clutter"
    Feel like you can't surmount the onslaught of "stuff" that accumulates in your home. This class will help you clarify the factors that create clutter in the first place, then turn those culprits into working systems so you can reclaim your life and eliminate clutter once and for all.

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    "Organize your space, Align your life"